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“Meditation Has Made Me See
That The World Is Bigger

Before learning meditation with Ben, I was often cranky and impatient. Living in NYC it can seem like we are bombarded with things and people designed to annoy or thwart us as we go about our day. The taxi drivers who don’t yield to pedestrians at intersections, that group of tourists stopping in front of you on the sidewalk, and the people on subway stairs immersed in their cellphones were like personal insults to the old me. I was mostly healthy and happy, but definitely more irritable than a normal person should be.

Nine months later, I’m much calmer and less impatient. Meditating twice a day has helped me see that the world is bigger and more nuanced. There are things we can control and things we can’t. Regular meditation has allowed me to let go of the latter and concentrate on what I can do to enhance my life rather than continue to sabotage it.

Other benefits I’ve noticed include finding it easier to fall asleep at night, waking up feeling rested, and just a general sense of comfort in the world.

Shawn Hoke, Program Manager
Brooklyn, NY

“Ben Taught Me Something That I Will Use Every Day For The Rest Of My Life.

When I look back on everything I did in 2016, I’d have to say hands down that taking Ben’s meditation class was the best thing I did. Although I have nice memories of trips and fun events last year, Ben taught me something that I will use every day for the rest of my life. I love the fact that you don’t need any special books, CDs, phone apps, a special place in your home, etc. to do Vedic meditation. Ben makes sure you walk away from his course with a full knowledge of how to meditate on your own. He also encourages you to contact him with any questions/issues that come up. You truly are his student for life.

As a result of daily meditation, I now sleep soundly through the night. My focus is sharper and my mind never races with a jumble of thoughts. A sense of calm stays with me no matter what happens during my day. Positive changes really do happen when you actively choose to rest your mind through meditation!

Liz Lipovac, Executive Assistant
Queens, New York

“Prior to meeting Ben and learning the Vedic meditation teachings, my life was completely out of balance. I was in a constant struggle to fill a deep sense of longing with more belongings and by numbing myself in whatever way I could. Hitting a crossroad in my life and lacking any spiritual grounding to the world around me, I was fortunate enough to meet Ben through my wife and began his simple, yet powerful training. His calm and caring nature made the entire process feel like I was learning the practice from a close friend.

Almost immediately I felt lighter, slept soundly and more capable. The weight of the world around me no longer clung to me like concrete but shed off with every mediation session. My level of stress lessened and my happiness grew. My daily encounters with others was no longer a battle but met from a place of clarity and understanding. I have found the place I am now at in life to be more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined through this daily practice.”

– James Gross
VP of Sales and Partnerships – San Francisco, California

“Ben’s meditation course helped me remove a lot of the mental clutter in my life. I am definitely an active mind person with many thoughts running through my brain that did lead to higher levels of stress and anxiety. I have spent the past few years focusing on my physical well being and lost nearly 35 pounds but had yet to fully combine the path of physical and spiritual well being. I have found my meditation practice to be a fantastic stress reliever, allowing myself to discard some of the unnecessary thoughts. Overall my practice is helping me to take a more calm approach to life despite the constant roller coaster ride of life. I take those twenty minutes to truly let go and become centered. Ben is an amazing and giving teacher who is always there to help me improve my practice.”

– Terrence Gray
Actor – New York, New York

“Through Vedic Meditation I now have a “pit stop” midway through the workday that helps me stay sharp, effective, and calm late into the evening. This is pretty remarkable given that before meditation, my only solution was a large coffee at 3pm. Both twenty-minute meditations, but particularly the second in the afternoon, help me feel like I just had a great night’s sleep. Further, from a productivity standpoint, Vedic Meditation also helps me prioritize where I should focus my attention and, perhaps more importantly, it helps me identify and dismiss issues that are insignificant noise.

On a personal level, Vedic Meditation has helped me achieve a new perspective, one of more calm observation. The meditations have a way of unearthing unresolved issues, past trauma the body hasn’t quite forgotten. Fortunately, meditation also helps me observe, accept, and dissolve these issues away. Indirectly, I can now more clearly identify what I want and more assertively express myself to achieve those goals. I’m very grateful for learning Vedic Meditation and for the benefits it continues to bring me.”

– Michael O’Neill
Vice President, Private Equity – New York, New York

“I Am Able to Focus on the Positive Of Every Situation

I think that I am in a much better place, personally and professionally. And a lot of it has to do with how I react to different situations. Instead of always focusing on the negative, I am able to focus on the positive of every situation. Not everything “bad” that happens is “doom and gloom” like it used to be. I like to say that meditation has helped me to not be a “Debbie Downer” all the time. It’s easier for me to let go of things and I like to think that I am a much more happier, energetic person because of it.

Tina Tang, Accountant
New York, New York

Caitlin Barrett
Small Business Owner
Brooklyn, NY

“My Mom Says I Sound Happy”

When I took Ben’s intro to Vedic meditation talk, it was 2013. I was won over by how much science backed its claims and was totally interested. So, naturally, I waited nearly three years to take the course. At that point, I was about to quit my steady but stressful corporate job I’d held for 7 years, and I decided to pick a course that would get me through my first full week as a free agent. It was the best choice I ever made.

I’m super skeptical of anything I deem “mystical,” and I’d had bad experiences trying to meditate in the past. When Ben gave me my mantra and I sat down to, you know, think about it, I was shocked to feel like I was doing something that was, unmistakably, meditating. It just felt good, somewhere deep inside my brain. Sort of like being awake to enjoy the feeling of sleep. It’s the best.

The real value of the course, though, is Ben’s advice on managing meditation in your everyday life. Meditating on the subway, on an airplane, when you’re sick. Not all of it is relevant right away; all of it has been important in the eight months since I took the course.

The most important change I’ve noticed through meditation is that I’m a better thinker. I approach things more rationally, more thoughtfully, and more calmly than ever before. And when I think about everything I’ve done, tried, been open to, and said “no way” to over the past eight months, the change in my life is bigger and better than any overnight revelation might have been. And my mom says I sound happy 🙂

“I Am Now The Best Version of Myself”

When I decided to take Ben’s Vedic Meditation course, I was seeking a way to increase my energy level and improve my reaction to stress at work. As a public relations professional who is constantly multi-tasking in a fast paced industry, I was having trouble staying focused and calm during my busy days. Since I started meditating in April 2014, I have experienced improvements in these areas, along with numerous other benefits that I didn’t even anticipate. I now sleep better and need less sleep to feel fully rested. I have more energy throughout the day and am more focused in both my personal and professional life. Before meditation, I looked toward exercise as a way to relieve stress, but now I work out because I truly enjoy it. At work, I am known as calm, cool and collected by my colleagues and I’ve recommended Ben’s course to many others in my profession, who have also had wonderful experiences.

Ben’s deep understanding of this ancient practice and his ability to help his students fit meditation into their busy schedules has been a real asset to me as my practice has evolved. Since I started meditating, I wouldn’t say that I’ve become a different person, just that I am now the best version of myself. I can’t imagine my life without Vedic Meditation and only wish I had found it sooner.

Lauren Plate
Vice President
New York, New York

“There Is A Sense Of Balance And Control
In My Life…”

After hearing about the benefits of mediation for a little while, I decided to take Ben’s course and it was one of the best decisions I could have made. Ben’s thorough explanation of the practice, benefits, and history of Vedic Mediation made it immediately relatable to my life and the benefits have far surpassed my expectations. Coming from a relatively high stress job and busy schedule in general, being ‘stressed’ was a constant in my life and nothing that I expected to change. Nowadays, my perspective has done a complete 180 and I no longer react to high-stress situations in the same way that I know I would have in the past.

There is a sense of balance and control in my life that wasn’t there before and I can confidently attribute the decline in migraine/headache days a month and the decrease in my daily stress levels to meditating. It initially seemed like 20 minutes in the morning and evening would be too much for me to commit to but instead it has become something I don’t want to start or end my day without. Learning and practicing Vedic Mediation has made such a positive impact on my life that I just wish I knew about it sooner!

Jackie Ayzen, Director of Strategic Retail Accounts
Queens, New York

“I Feel Better.

I originally sought out Vedic Meditation to help with lower energy levels and reduced concentration from living in the city and like others, not sleeping a ton. Now I find myself feeling much more relaxed, and my body and mind both feel like they’re in a steady state of equilibrium. Meditation has made a profound impact on my relationships, I’m calmer and more patient with friends and strangers. I much more thoughtful these days, often times stepping back to assess situations and handle things with more tactfulness whether for work or in my personal life. I feel better. My sleep is deeper, I’m less stressed, my anxiety is lot a lower and I have more energy on a daily basis at work.

Ben’s knowledge is immediately evident and he genuinely cares about each of his students – realizing we all have different lives and different goals for meditation. Instead of giving the crash course for Vedic Meditation, he takes the time to explain each component of the practice, clearly explaining how and why meditating twice daily can improve the way we think and feel. Like anything else, what we put in to our meditation is ultimately what we get out. This is a great practice for everyday people who live a busy life, but want to improve themselves physically and mentally.

Andrew Abbott, Account Executive
New York, New York

“I Feel Peaceful.”

– Danielle Bass, Special Education Teacher – New York, New York

I’m so glad I took Ben’s Vedic Meditation course. I’m not really the “spiritual” type, as I like concrete scientific reasoning. I attended the free Info Talk first to see what Vedic Meditation was all about. It wasn’t just the scientific evidence on the benefits of Vedic Meditation, but it was also the way Ben made it so easy to understand with real life examples. We don’t all have free time, the same schedules, anxiety, or the same lifestyles. He used examples that really hit home for me. After the talk, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

Throughout the course, Ben was very supportive and worked with me (and the other students) on how to best fit meditation into our crazy schedules and lifestyles. He answered any question thrown his way with both knowledge and feasible solutions. He was very attentive during the course, but it didn’t end there. Ben stays in touch regularly to see how our practice is coming along and invites his former students to all courses and group meditation sessions. Ben is amazing and it shows that he really cares about his students, even after a course ends.

Now I want to talk about whether meditation worked for me. When I signed up for the course, I was hopeful, but still very skeptical. When I started meditating, I was SHOCKED! I always had anxiety, high stress levels, fatigue, and never felt like I got enough sleep. Even if I slept for over 10 hours, I would wake up even more tired. I used to be tormented by nightmares every night. Within two days of meditation, I did not remember my dreams. I may not have had any at all. I woke up earlier than my alarm clock feeling energized (I usually play the “snooze button” game).


It was so surprising, but amazing. In addition to feeling rested after a night of sleep, I feel calmer in general. This was a major change for me. A slow walker in front of me, missing the subway, spilling hot coffee on my hand, or any other small, meaningless thing did not make me want to scream or feel like it was the WORST thing in the world, as it previously had. Those things do not matter anymore and I feel peaceful.

This affects the rest of my days tremendously: how I perform at work, time management, relationships, and just feeling great. What has been challenging for me is being very consistent with it. Once I missed one session, it was easy to miss more, and then fall in the vicious cycle of stress, feeling tired, and not waking up rested. With Ben checking in often, he really works with me on how to fit my meditation into my new schedule. He is very encouraging, supportive, and always gets me back on track.

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