Ben Has Been Featured in the Following:

Ben Has Been Featured in the Following:

The Huffington Post

Anxiety Ruled This Lawyer’s Life. Until He Tried Meditation.

A 500-square-foot Midtown studio in New York City is quietly becoming a temple for the anxious, the overworked and the curious. There are 26 seats.

From inside the studio windows, you peer over taxi cabs crowding 5th Avenue below and if you put your nose right up to the glass, you can see the needle of the Empire State building looming large, piercing upward into the sky.

The New York Times

No Texts Please, We’re Meditating

“Meditation is part of a wellness trend,” said Ben Turshen, 34, a former lawyer and SoulCycle instructor, and founder of Ben Turshen Meditation, which opened nearly a year ago.

“It was once part of a culture associated with monks and hippies, and now we see professional athletes and high-level achievers using meditation to enhance performance.”


Episode 67

If Ben Turshen’s last name seems familiar to you, you’re not crazy. Not so long ago, his sister was a guest on the podcast. And I loved my talk with Ben so much, I’m about to have the whole family on. Get ready Momma Turshen, you’re next.

Ben and I talk about his path from corporate lawyer to Vedic meditation teacher, how our bodies and minds are inseparable, the difference between belief systems and spiritual experiences, and the danger of making your hobby a career.

CBS News

Meditation Helps Retiree Find her “Encore”

Rochelle Udell learned this form of meditation from her son, Ben Turshen, who has been a Vedic meditation teacher in New York for about three years. Turshen’s students vary in age, but said about a third of of them are 50 and older.

Many are coming to him with high levels of anxiety because of age-related health problems and stress sometimes linked to retirement.

New York Post

I Quit Being a Lawyer and Finally Found My Inner Zen

It used to be that many New Yorkers thought Zen could be found while perched on a SoulCycle bike. Now the city that never sleeps is finally catching on to what Buddhists have known for centuries — that meditation, not exercise, is the real key to inner peace.

“Wellness has become cool. It’s not just for hippie vegans,” says Ben Turshen, 34, a former corporate lawyer and SoulCycle instructor who traded in spinning to open an eponymous meditation studio on Fifth Avenue in April.

Well + Good

The Best Modern Meditation Spots in NYC

Former SoulCycle instructor Ben Turshen (brother to amazing cookbook author Julia Turshen) opened his own meditation center in the Flatiron District just this past April, which focuses on courses that teach the art of Vedic Meditation and then supports those who have committed to a Vedic practice.

Manhattan’s New Home for Vedic Meditation

Ben Turshen has taught hundreds of New Yorkers how to drown out the sirens and cab horns and sit in stillness over the past two years through his meditation courses taught out of rented spaces like Studio Anya.

But earlier this month, the SoulCycle instructor and meditation guru opened the doors of his own center, Ben Turshen Meditation, in the Flatiron District (crossroads of all things healthy!), where he hopes to introduce even more numbers of stressed out urbanites to Vedic meditation, his practice of choice.

5 Things You Need to Know About Vedic Meditation

For Courtney Kollmer, 26, a financial consultant, entering SoulCycle’s candlelit studio and tapping it back was how she used to get rid of stress. But when her father died, at the same time she broke her leg, and she couldn’t sweat off her worries—she realized that she needed to find another way to cut down her cortisol levels.

That’s when she turned to Ben Turshen, vedic meditation instructor (and former lawyer turned SoulCycle instructor). Vedic mediation is designed for people living busy lives, as opposed to, say, types of meditation designed for monks on mountaintops, Turshen explains.


As an overstressed and under-rested attorney, Ben Turshen knew he needed to make a lifestyle change. When he discovered Vedic Meditation his anxiety and insomnia melted away.

Today, he is dedicated to bringing the benefits of Vedic Meditation to busy New Yorkers at his own midtown studio. We sat down with Ben to talk anxiety, skepticism, and evolving corporate cultures.

The Daily Record

Meditation for the Masses

From anxiety to depression to overeating, modern psychology has started to integrate portions of the ancient practices of meditation and mindfulness into their modern approaches to treating patients.

Several meditation experts touch on the various types of the practice available to those in the Wayne and Holmes regions.


Meditation Goes Mainstream

New York City is always in constant motion. It’s a place where we are often lulled to sleep by the noises of the streets. Yet amid the chaos, some find silence and reflection. Ben sat down with legendary broadcaster Ernie Anastos on live TV to discuss why New Yorkers are flocking to meditation.


8 Soothing Meditation Studios In NYC — If You’re Into That Kind Of Thing

Ben Turshen left his job as an attorney to pursue Vedic meditation, and now he teaches it to other people. Vedic meditation is similar to transcendental meditation, because you use a mantra.


Amazing Zen Places to Meditate in NYC

From the calm of his eponymous Midtown studio, a sunlit space elevated above bustling 5th avenue, Ben Turshen spends his days convincing type-A New Yorkers to pick meditation over medication.

His technique of preference is Vedic meditation — a striped-back, universally acessible style that turned him from anxiety-wracked lawyer to modern meditation guru. If you struggle to sit for long periods of time ‘watching the breath’ the simplicity of this approach will be a welcome revelation.

Women’s Health Magazine

How to Feel Like You’ve Meditated—Without Having to Cross Your Legs and Chant “Om”

Every time I read yet another study about all of the health benefits of meditation, I beat myself up for not getting my butt out of bed just a little bit earlier to try this sanity-saving, health-transforming practice—again.

And so I set my alarm for 6:50 a.m., wake up 10 minutes earlier than usual the next day, and hit the floor to sit in the quietness and simply breathe. Ten minutes of inhales and exhales? Easy.



An introduction to Ben Turshen is not your typical meet-and-greet; it’s 60-minutes of authentic storytelling and wise lecturing that may – quite literally – change your way of thinking forever.

Every month, this former attorney turned full-time meditation teacher leads a 4-day Vedic Meditation Course sharing how to integrate this 5,0000 year old meditation technique into modern day living.

AM New York

Ben Turshen on the Benefits of Daily Meditation

Ben Turshen has always led a very healthy, active life. He grew up playing lacrosse and ice hockey, studied athletic training and sports medicine in undergrad and exercise physiology in grad school and taught 2,000 classes as a SoulCycle instructor over the course of four years.

But it wasn’t until he started a daily meditation practice that he found relief for a lifelong struggle with insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Style of Sport

Keep Calm &
Meditate On

Ben Turshen, former attorney and instructor at SoulCycle, opened his meditation center in NYC this past spring to offer a space for “an ancient practice for modern life.” His program focuses on Vedic Meditation, an Indian technique developed for people who are busty, active, and fully engaged in life.


Turshen found this practice to be a perfect fit for the hustle and bustle of New York City. Rather than drop-in classes, Ben Turshen Meditation offers four-day courses in Vedic Meditation. After the course is over, clients are equipped to practice on their own. 


This Is Why Meditation Isn’t Working For You

If you’ve tried meditation and wondered why it didn’t work, you might be making mistakes that are derailing your practice. Learn seven common missteps when it comes to benefitting from meditation.


19 Science-Backed Reasons to Meditate

Exercise, especially HIIT workouts in full-blown #beastmode, can do a number on your muscles and your central nervous system But meditation allows you to rest your body and mind very deeply, removing stress from your physiology and priming you for excellent sweat sessions, says Ben Turshen, a former lawyer who’s now a fitness professional and qualified independent teacher of Vedic Meditation in New York City.

With meditation’s ability to reduce our stress levels, we’re able to perform our workouts that much better and enjoy them that much more, he says.


Ask an Expert: 5 Tips for Meditating at Home

I’ve always been a fan of longer-form writing here at D*S, but sometimes it’s nice to distill something down to its essential elements or a few pieces of core advice. So we’re kicking off a new series here called “Ask an Expert” that will tackle a wide range of home and lifestyle-related topics and give you 5 core tips for understanding or improving in those areas.


From overcoming fears and learning new skills to decorating, styling and DIY mastery, we reached out to our extended network of friends, family and professional contacts to create a long list of people who had valuable information to share.

TimeOut New York

The Best Places to Meditate in NYC

Founded by former attorney Ben Turshen, this center focuses on the ancient Indian practice of Vedic meditation, which uses mantras to calm the multi-tasking mind. First-timers can head to morning and evening intro talks to test the waters, then join four-session courses happening every month.



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