“Ben taught me something that I will use every day for the rest of my life.”–Liz Lipovac, Executive Assistant – Queens, NY

Vedic Meditation also helps me prioritize where I should focus my attention and, perhaps more importantly, it helps me identify and dismiss issues that are insignificant noise.”–Michael O’Neill, Vice President, Private Equity – New York, New York

“When Ben gave me my mantra and I sat down to, you know, think about it, I was shocked to feel like I was doing something that was, unmistakably, meditating.”–Caitlin Barrett, Small Business Owner – Brooklyn, NY

“Who would have thought that Vedic Meditation would bring such clarity, focus and balance to my life.”–Jasmin Luciano, VP of Business Development – New York, New York

“I knew I had stumbled upon something remarkable when within the first two days of practicing Vedic Meditation with Ben, I no longer needed a pill to get through a Sunday night’s sleep.”–Paul Accardi, Chief Financial Officer – New York, New York

“I found that I didn’t want to miss meditating, as I felt so much more refreshed and energetic after each meditation.”–Erin Buchholz, School Psychologist – Wooster, Ohio

“There is a sense of balance and control in my life that wasn’t there before and I can confidently attribute the decline in migraine/headache days a month and the decrease in my daily stress levels to meditating.”–Jackie Ayzen, Director of Strategic Retail Accounts – Queens, New York

“I can’t imagine my life without Vedic Meditation and only wish I had found it sooner.”–Lauren Plate, Vice President – New York, New York

“I’ve been practicing meditation for almost a year, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that during this time I’m the least anxious and most self-assured I’ve ever been.”– Kate Nyland, Faculty Affairs Administrator – Brooklyn, New York

“Overall my practice is helping me to take a more calm approach to life despite the constant roller coaster ride of life.”–Terrence Gray, Actor – New York, New York

“I have found the place I am now at in life to be more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined through this daily practice.”–James Gross, VP of Sales and Partnerships – San Francisco, California

“My sleep is deeper, I’m less stressed, my anxiety is lot a lower and I have more energy on a daily basis at work.”–Andrew Abbott, Account Executive – New York, New York

What will you say about Vedic Meditation?

With Gratitude,