Hi Friends,

We hope this note finds you well and you’re summer is off to a great start.

We have some big news. Our family has moved our primary residence to the amazing city of Cleveland. I’m so excited to be the first resident teacher of Vedic Meditation in the great state of Ohio.

This month, I’ll be holding two free Info Talks and a Vedic Meditation course in Cleveland, as well as two separate Breathwork workshops in Wooster, Ohio.

Kindly share this email with anyone you know in Northeast Ohio who may be interested, or feel free to connect me directly via email. That would be a huge help, thank you!

 Please see below for details on everything we have planned this month in Ohio.

For those of you in New York City, don’t worry, I’ll be back every 6 to 8 weeks to teach (we’ll be back in August–stay tuned for dates). I’m also available remotely via videoconference for Breathwork and Personal Coaching Sessions.

Have a wonderful summer.

With Gratitude,