We all think, act and behave according to our own state of consciousness which is intrinsically tied to our baseline level of stress. So as meditators we need to cultivate some loving acceptance of others, which is not always easy. There’s the old saying: “What you put your attention on grows”. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said to put your attention on the good in others. Here is an excerpt from one of his public speeches you may find helpful.

MAHARISHI: Appreciation of the good qualities makes a leader. A man may have 99 bad qualities and only one good quality. Appreciation of that one good quality will encourage the man to multiply that good quality. “I am one, may I be many”, and the World of good quality arises. Appreciation of a good quality by a superior is like drawing the sprout from the seed, and the tree of good qualities grows from there, it inspires the follower to grow in all good. It should be a policy not to bring up the not good qualities. We do not talk of them. Where is the time to dwell on the unwanted? Do not bring up the weakness. Bring up the good, promising qualities. We, for ourselves, want to grow in good. We do not allow our heart to be swamped in that which is not good, not alleviating, not progressive. We bring to our mind the good, the promising, the elevating. Whatever thought we let come in our mind, that influences our heart and starts to radiate and develops into speech. If we think low, our heart radiates that low color and it radiates into speech. Our formula is “safety first.” We want to improve all those around us. In our enthusiasm to improve our environment we should not go in the bad, unhealthy. Our heart is so small, there is no place for the bad, unhealthy. We know from where the bad comes. We do not hold the emergence of the bad from him who does wrong but from something foreign in him. Stress is not he. It’s from outside. From stress comes the negativity. We do not condemn a man for his failures, his misunderstanding. We know this is not he, but something that has unduly associated itself with him. Life is bliss, knowledge, intelligence. There is no place for negative feelings in anyone’s life. We do not condemn a man for his mistakes. We hold that these are not coming from him but from stress. When something negative comes out, we feel good for him, we congratulate him that he has got rid of it. We must save our mind and heart from any wrong negative thought of anybody else. If we have heard it, it was a mistake to hear it. We could not stop hearing, our ears were open, but it was a mistake to hear it. Some very wise man said: “He talks a lot, but I have not to hear anything he said”. We do not bring the mud to our heart. If someone does wrong it is his bad karma. By bringing it to our mind it becomes our karma. Therefore we always see good. Guru Dev [Maharishi’s Master] used to tell a story about a Saint who was all the time so happy and fulfilled and immersed in bliss. He was famous for not having spoken anything that was less than good. One day a mischievous man went to the saint with great paraphernalia of devotion and all that and he asked him to bless some place. He took him along the ugliest path he could find and they passed a cat overtaken by some car. “Oh what a horrible sight”, the man said. And the saint said, “Look to the teeth, shining pearlā€” like teeth.” In the ugliest situation there would certainly be something good. We grow towards more refined perception, we grow towards celestial vision. Always we pick up something nice, whatever there will be. We know we live in a relative World, there will be some beautiful thing always, something to appreciate. We bring that value to our mind and heart. We do not bring filth to our mind. We rejoice in something beautiful. That is the vision of a knower of reality. Whatever good is there that is useful for us. The bad does not come to our mind. Otherwise we will be swamped by so many wrong. By bringing good to our mind we develop the power of good. Wrong brings unwanted influence. By bringing good to our mind we develop the power of good. Wrong brings unwanted influence. Safety first. These are simple things, you know.