Fitting meditation into the schedule is the hardest part for most people. I, myself, had difficulty during my first nine months of practice. I’ve written an article about this, “I Was A Busy NYC Lawyer. Here’s How I Made Time To Meditate Every Day”.

Our meditation sessions unfortunately don’t happen spontaneously, we have to plan them. If you’re the type of person that has your entire week mapped out on the calendar minute-by-minute, then schedule the time to meditate along with all of your other meetings and engagements. If you’re a little less structured with your schedule, we still need to plan out meditations.

The minimal amount of planning for our morning meditation should happen the night before when you set your alarm clock. Think about what time you have to leave the house or start being engaged from home and work backwards. Wake up early enough to give yourself a half hour to complete your 20 minute morning meditation. This will help you not feel rushed when you sit down and close your eyes.

For our afternoon/evening meditation, the minimal amount of planning requires a little bit of thinking. This is more of a habit. The same way at some point after lunch, we think to ourselves: “what am I going to eat for dinner?” we need to start getting in the habit of thinking: “when I going to meditate this afternoon/evening?”.  An easy way to remember to think about planning your second meditation is to set a reminder on your phone for 1pm or 2pm. This isn’t the time you’ll necessarily meditate, but the time you think about planning to meditate.