Most forms of meditation are challenging. They involve focusing and concentrating, or paying attention to breath or other body sensations, thoughts or activities.

Because of this, you’re often encouraged to start small with a few minutes at time and build up as your tolerance or skill expands.

Vedic Meditation is different. It is a simple, easy, effortless mental technique. No focus. No concentration. No paying attention. Because of this, it can be easily mastered by anyone within a few days. From the very first meditation, you’ll be meditating effortlessly for 20 minutes, but it will feel more like 5.

The benefits of Vedic Meditation are proven and profound:

  • Relieve depression, anxiety, insomnia.
  • Boost energy, intelligence, creativity.
  • Reduce stress, addictive behaviors, fatigue.
  • Find happiness, fulfillment, clarity.

Improve sports performance, reaction time, immune function.