Hi Friends,

Becoming overwhelmed is a big problem.

Peak performance in any endeavor–school, work, athletics–requires a delicate balance of relaxation and excitation.

If you’re too relaxed, you don’t engage sufficiently. For most of us, this isn’t an issue.

Our problem is that when faced with a demand we get overwhelmed, so nervous and anxious that we freeze or feel like running away, or worse, going to battle. This is the stress response (“fight or flight”). It hampers our performance in anything that is not actually life-threatening (fortunately, most of the demands we face today aren’t).

During the practice of Vedic Meditation, the mind and body have an extremely underwhelming experience. In this context, underwhelming is anything but unremarkable.

The technique involves no focus or concentration, nor does it involve paying attention to thoughts or activity. With Vedic Meditation, your mind settles effortlessly and spontaneously through quieter states of awareness until it experiences its least excited state, an inner wakefulness beyond thought. It is that deepest and quietest place in your mind. Simultaneously, your body goes into a state of rest exponentially deeper than the deepest rest experienced during sleep.

With a daily practice of Vedic Meditation, you feel calm and relaxed, rested and energized, present and attentive. Your mind and body are able to perform at your true potential, meeting demands right where they are.

With Gratitude,