Hi Friends,

I hope this finds you well. I’m incredibly excited to announce our new program, Access Meditation.

Let me tell you briefly how we got here.

A decade ago, I was an out-of-shape, overweight junior attorney at a large international law firm. I had been battling anxiety, depression and insomnia my entire life and during this time my struggle had reached a pinnacle. I was on multiple different medications and in therapy a few times a week. I drank too much, too often. Although I was getting by, I was miserable.

Then I discovered Vedic Meditation and it changed everything. Almost immediately (within 3 days), I was falling asleep easily and sleeping soundly without Ambien or alcohol. I stopped having anxiety attacks. I felt good and happy. And started doing the things that once seemed impossible like exercising regularly, eating healthy foods, and speaking in front of audiences. I got more done in less time at work and all of relationships improved tremendously.

My personal change inspired me to become a meditation teacher so I could help people improve their lives by providing them with the same tool I learned to experience these wonderful benefits. I’ve been a dedicated teacher of Vedic Meditation since 2013.

A few years ago I discovered another incredibly powerful methodology in breathwork.

Before becoming an attorney, I studied human physiology extensively in both undergraduate and graduate school, and was intrigued in how we can use meditation to influence the state of our mind and our body. I became even more fascinated when I learned how we can use our breath to also exert powerful influence over our minds and bodies. I trained to become a breathwork teacher and have working with individuals and groups ever since.

My mission has always been provide my students with the highest quality instruction and support in tools that promote immediate, profound and sustainable personal growth and development.

Earlier this year, I set out to develop a program to make the profound benefits of meditation and breathwork as accessible as possible and the Access Meditation was program born.

Please continue to read more below about this profoundly powerful and accessible meditation program.

I look forward to sharing this program with you soon.

With Gratitude,