Hi Friends,

What if you could be happy for no reason (i.e., unconditionally happy).

In the Western world, we’ve been indoctrinated with an idea since we were children that if we are to experience happiness and fulfillment in life we need to achieve certain outcomes (or enough of those certain outcomes).

There are some common themes here:

Money–if we just get enough dollars in the bank account then we’ll feel fulfilled.

Relationships–if we find that right person or if we get the person we’re with to sacrifice enough of their preferences for ours, then we’ll be happy.

Career–if we get that job or that promotion then we’ll have arrived.

Knowledge–if we finish that degree or gain sufficient mastery over a certain subject, then the enlightenment will come.

We know from our own personal experiences, that the mere acquisition and possession of these types of achievements does not bring about happiness. So what does?

When we practice Vedic Meditation, our mind settles down effortlessly and spontaneously to experience a state of supreme inner contentedness. In this place, the mind is fulfilled, so much so, that it can not conceive of another thought, idea or old memory to make it any happier. This is the direct experience of fulfillment.

Emerging from meditation, having had this direct experience of fulfillment, we feel happier. This is self-referral happiness. Unconditional happiness that is not dependent on money, relationships, careers or titles.

But don’t worry, when you start meditating, your desires will not vanish. You’ll still be as driven, or perhaps more so. But instead of pursuing happiness, you’ll be happily pursuing. And this is a preferable way to experience life.

With Gratitude,