Hi Friends,

By now it’s almost impossible to have not heard the amazing story of the twelve young soccer players and their coach who were trapped in cave in northern Thailand. The boys and their coach survived for nearly two weeks without food and ever decreasing levels of oxygen before being rescued by divers. It has been widely reported that the boy’s coach, who spent a decade training as a monk, taught the boys to meditate. This helped them stay calm, conserve energy, and decrease their oxygen consumption in what anyone would imagine to be a terrifying ordeal.

You don’t have to be stuck in a cave to feel trapped. Anxiety and stress build their own walls around us. The fear and helplessness that come with these invisible constraints is all to real.

Vedic Meditation provides us with effortless and efficient relief from anxiety and stress. It gives us our freedom again.

I invite you to come along and learn Vedic Meditation with me in Cleveland and New York City. Please see below for everything we have going on through August.

With Gratitude,