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The Vedic Meditation technique is practiced by sitting comfortably with eyes-closed, and gently using a specific sound, or “mantra,” to naturally settle the mind and body into a state of deep rest.  This state goes beyond thought, and is referred to as transcending. Meditators describe this state as supreme inner contentment.

A key feature of this technique is that it does not involve concentration, forced repetition or “chanting” of the mantra. It also does not involve the student learning how to develop a way of paying attention to or monitoring thoughts or activity, as is the case in some other types of mediation. It is effortless, enjoyable, and requires no focus. Due to these attributes, Vedic Meditation can be practiced successfully by anyone, without a lengthy or complex learning process.

Using this technique, your awareness settles down to experience a unique state of restful alertness, an inner wakefulness beyond thought. The state of going beyond thought, or transcendence, that is provided by the Vedic Meditation technique also allows a direct experience of your most essential self, of the “you” that lies beyond all your thoughts and stress and struggles.




Job stress costs companies millions a year in absenteeism, turnover, diminished productivity, and medical, legal, and insurance costs.

Meditating professionals achieve more with less effort, and experience significant improvements in physical and mental health. Vedic Meditation facilitates supreme levels of stress reduction, increased productivity, a greater capacity for collaboration, and a calmer, more efficient work environment. Sickness, absenteeism, and health care utilization decrease while job satisfaction and employment retention improve. Happier, healthier employees create the foundation of a stronger company.

Ben Turshen has had the privilege of working with companies large and small to make meditation part of the health and wellness benefits available to their employees.

Ben came to my office and taught a group intro talk for my colleagues and it was a great experience. Working at a large, global communications firm can be stressful and my teammates and I are often in search of something to help mitigate the impact of such a fast-paced environment. Everyone really enjoyed learning more about the benefits of Vedic meditation, while bonding with their coworkers. This ended up being one of our most successful group events and the turnout was fantastic. For those of us who went on to take the full course with Ben, we have all felt the immeasurable benefits of Vedic meditation in a short period of time. I have personally become more productive and efficient at work, and am much calmer in high pressure situations. I have been meditating for over two years and I truly believe that the growth I’ve experienced in my career is largely attributed to my evolving practice. In addition, meditation has helped me become a more compassionate, collaborative and thoughtful manager, something my direct reports, peers and clients alike have all noticed. Outside the office, meditation has positively impacted my personal relationships too, while improving my sleeping patterns and boosting my energy throughout the day. I would highly recommend that companies offer meditation courses to their employees, as it does wonders to boost morale and improve the work environment, and can’t recommend Ben’s course enough!

– Lauren Plate, Vice President, NYC-Based Communications & Marketing Agency

Ben Turshen came to my office a year ago to teach Vedic Mediation. Meditation was an intimidating practice for me to begin, but Ben’s class provided me with a clear roadmap. He was patient, thorough, and supportive through our learning process; he truly cares. I’ve struggled with overwhelming stress for the past couple of years, and mediation has been the best way for me to control my fears. By setting aside a short amount of time each day, it brings so much more to my life. It clears my mind and allows me to focus on the present, which leads to less anxiety and less rumination. Now I have more space for self-awareness and satisfaction–both personally and professionally. I’m extremely grateful for the practice and for Ben.

– Susanne Wright, Finance Director, International Restaurant Group

We have a number of options for companies to make Vedic Meditation accessible to their employees. All programs may be customized to suit your company’s individual needs.

Please contact us at if you are interested in developing a program for your company.

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Breathwork is complimentary to Vedic Meditation but is a more active and intense practice. Breathwork promotes physical changes & benefits such as better sleep, less stress & anxiety, improved digestion and athletic performance, better immune function.

Do you want better energy, relief from pain, better sleep, or relief from anxiety and depression? Breathwork can address and alleviate these issues.

Become grounded with breathwork.



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