Consciously Design Happiness & Fulfillment Into Your Life

Personal Coaching sessions provide you with the specific guidance and strategies to consciously identify and create the change required for you to have the most fulfilling life experience.

To change our lives, we need to change our experiences – that is, how we are spending our time. 

There are twenty-four hours in a day, so where do they go?

There are four main buckets where we exist:

To change our lives, we need to change our experiences — that is, how are we spending our time.

There are twenty-four hours in a day, so where do they go? There are four main buckets where we exist:



Health, Wellness, and Spirituality



We spend most of our lives working. Of course we all desire to earn a sufficient income to live comfortably. However, if our waking hours are spent solely in pursuit of a paycheck, then we’re most certainly not going to find work fulfilling. In Personal Coaching sessions, we  investigate and identify our natural skill set. Finding fulfilling work isn’t just about doing something you’re good at, it’s about doing something you actually enjoy. We’ll also be identifying those skills that we enjoy using and start building a career around those specific skills in a way that’s most meaningful and enjoyable for you.


How do we relate to others? Throughout our lives, we create, maintain, and sometimes end relationships. We have our personal intimate relationships; our relationships with family members, close friends, acquaintances, and coworkers; and then those tangential relationships, our anonymous interactions with strangers that are all too often neglected. How we treat people and how people treat us shapes our lives and our world. In Personal Coaching sessions, we go over some very important principles that apply to relationships and identify changes we can implement that will be impactful for all of our relationships.


What do we do for fun? What activities bring us joy by the process of doing them? This arena is the most often neglected and easily sacrificed, yet one of the most important. In Personal Coaching sessions, we find the minimal effective dose for the experiences we truly love and how to fit more of them into a busy life.


These are hygienic life-supporting activities that help us to feel good and healthy. In Personal Coaching sessions, we identify and implement the behaviors, activities and practices that will result in optimal mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing.  

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About Ben

A former attorney and fitness professional, Ben Turshen is a renowned teacher of meditation and breathwork. Ben has nearly two decades of experience in health and wellness and has worked with everyone from Olympic athletes, Michelin star chefs, award winning actors, and Fortune 500 executives to four-year old children. He has taught at various local and international schools, businesses and organizations, as well as The Cleveland Clinic and Syracuse University. Ben has been featured in numerous publications, including The New York Times and The Huffington Post.

Ben’s mission is provide his students with the highest quality instruction and support in tools that promote immediate, profound and sustainable personal growth and development.



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