Introduction to Vedic Meditation Online Talk

Introduction to Vedic Meditation

Benefits of Vedic Meditation

With Vedic Meditation, your mind settles down automatically, and your body achieves levels of rest exponentially greater than can be achieved during a night’s sleep which makes it easy and enjoyable. 

The First Step in Learning Vedic Meditation is to Attend an Introduction Talk 


In this LIVE Intro Talk, I will provide the following: 

  • Full overview of Vedic Meditation 
  • History of the practice 
  • Principles of meditation  
  • How the technique works compared to other types of meditation 
  • Benefits of the practice  
  • How to learn Vedic Meditation 
  • All online participants will receive an offer to join Ben LIVE at his studio in NYC to join a Vedic Meditation course. 

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About Ben Turshen

After decades of being crippled with anxiety, depression and insomnia, Ben learned Vedic Meditation in 2009 while working as an attorney at a large international law firm in New York City. Ben was so inspired with the personal transformation that Vedic Meditation provided him that he left his legal career to train to become a teacher.  

Since 2013, Ben has been bringing about more peace, more awareness, more creativity, more energy, and more adaptability by teaching Vedic Meditation to individuals, small groups and companies in New York City. He has also taught at The Cleveland Clinic and Syracuse University. Ben has been featured in numerous major publications, including The New York Times. 

Ben Turshen Founder, Ben Turshen Meditation