Hi Friends,

In 2005, I was a first year law student and I was having panic attacks almost everyday. I was so anxious I couldn’t read the cases I was assigned for class. I would sit in the library and re-read the same paragraph over and over, but nothing would stick. In a state of complete overwhelm, my brain wouldn’t function. I wasn’t sleeping at night and this whole experience had me feeling helpless and miserable.

My therapist suggested that I learn to meditate. But I didn’t think I was the meditation type. I didn’t fit any of the preconceived stereotypes I associated with meditation. I had no background in yoga or spirituality. I didn’t study Eastern religion or philosophy. I didn’t have long hair or a beard. I never wore beads or scarves, bracelets or rings. I didn’t hang out in health food stores or burn incense.

Back then, I was into lifting weights, watching mixed martial fights, and going out to NYC bars and clubs with my friends, drinking too heavily, too often.

Fortunately, I was mistaken.

Many forms of meditation, including my Access Meditation program, don’t require any special garb, lifestyle, or belief system.

Meditation completely transformed my life in ways I couldn’t imagine. Click here to learn more about my story.


So what is the “meditation type”?

My Access Meditation program is for anyone who wants to:

  • Realize their true potential. If you feel you’re capable of more and feel stuck, Access Meditation is for YOU!
  • Sleep better and feel well rested. If you’re tired of being tired, Access Meditation is for YOU!
  • Be more productive. If you want to get more done in less time, Access Meditation is for YOU!
  • Feel happier. If you want to feel happier for no reason, Access Meditation is for YOU!
  • More creativity. If you want to inspire more creativity in your life and work, Access Meditation is for YOU!

Our Access Meditation does not require any focus, concentration or effort, nor do you need to try to quiet your mind, or try to supress, resist or block out thoughts. Which means, Access Meditation is for YOU, no matter if you think you’re mind is too busy to meditate or if you’ve struggled with other forms of meditation in the past.

But our program is not for everyone. If you wear your suffering like a badge of honor, this program will help cause you to suffer less, so you’ll need to find something new to identify with as your current state will certainly change.

You’re not getting any less stressed! Come along and learn Access Meditation with me. The sooner the better.

With Gratitude,