Learn Vedic Meditation in an Intimate Environment

How It Works:


Individual Sessions

A group course is comprised of 4 sessions, with each lasting between 1-2 hours. The course is completed over 4 consecutive days.


Limited Seating

Courses are limited to no more than 10 students, so you are guaranteed an individualized and intimate experience.

What are the benefits of
Vedic Meditation?

The restfulness accompanying Vedic meditation is considerably deeper than that gained through sleep. This profound rest allows deep-rooted stresses to dissolve naturally, bringing innumerable health benefits to the individual.

It is through revisiting this state of restful alertness that meditators report feeling happier, less stressed, have improved personal relationships, become more creative and more productive, and more adaptable to the demands of life.

What to Expect:

Vedic Meditation group sessions are comprehensive learning experiences aimed at providing you with the knowledge and tools to successfully practice meditation individually.

  • A group course is comprised of 4 sessions, lasting between 1-2 hours. The sessions happen on consecutive days.
  • During the group course, you will receive sufficient knowledge and instruction to be successful in practicing the technique independently going forward.
  • Lifetime access to future group courses (Refresher Sessions) and Group Meditation/Knowledge meetings.


Access to Future Group Courses

Once you have completed the four-day course, you may join future group Vedic Meditation courses at no cost. Think of it as a one-time gym membership that includes unlimited follow-up and support.

Join A Community of Likeminded Learners

Group sessions are more accessible, more financially affordable, and provide an experience a unique group dynamic.  Many students find it helpful to learn in a small group setting as they are able to learn from others’ experiences. Ben teaches no more than 10 people at a time, which insures each student receives individual instruction.  




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