Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Corporate Meditation Courses

Option #1: Smaller Organization

Not sure how interested your team will be or on a smaller budget? A private Info Talk is a great choice. A private Info Talk, Ben will come on-site to discuss what Access Meditation is, its methodology and practice, its benefits, and the learning process. Following the private Info Talk, individuals can come along on their own to learn.

Option #2: On-Site Training

In this option, Ben teaches a private Access Meditation course. This is a two day course, with multiple sessions throughout the day, ranging anywhere from 2-5 sessions per day. This provides lots of flexibility for company employees to attend multiple sessions that works within their individual schedules.

Option #3: Small Group Programs

Ben offers an on site program limited to a smaller group with 1 session a day for less than 10 people. Alternatively, employees may come to learn with Ben individually, or on their own, where the Course Fee may be partially subsidized by the company (which is usually in the form of a stipend).

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