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two powerful tools that can be used together or separately

We take both a “bottoms up” approach (body influencing the mind) through the breath and a “top down” approach (mind influencing the body) through meditation.

The first tool is version of a classical yogic breathing technique that is taught and performed in a specific way to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system to automatically reduce heart rate and induce relaxation. We may preform this breathing technique (or its variations) prior to meditating to set up a more profound meditation experience, or on its own in moments of acute stress. We call this tool Access Calm.

The second tool is a form mantra meditation that similar to both Vedic Meditation and Transcendental Meditation, but different in some very important ways. We call this tool Access Stillness.

Like both Vedic Meditation and Transcendental Meditation, Access Stillness is form of automatic self-transcending meditation, where the meditator sits comfortably with their back supported and eyes closed and silently experiences a particular sound, a mantra, that settles mind and puts the body into a deep state of rest automatically and spontaneously without any effort, focus, or concentration.


Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Decreased Depression

Reduced Insomnia

Improved Self-esteem

Better Decision Making

Lower Blood Pressure

Decreased Cholesterol

Reduced Cardiovascular Risk Factors

Improved Immune Function

Reduction in Pain

Decreased Health Care Costs and Utilization

Normalization of Body Weight

Improved Academics

Improved School Behavior

Reduced Substance Abuse

Increased Energy Levels

Improved Sports Performance

Improved Intelligence, Creativity and Learning Ability


The live programs, both online and in-person, consist of two two-hour sessions held on two consecutive days (one two-hour session per day).

A standalone recorded online video course will also be available in early 2019. Graduates of the live programs will also receive the video course as soon as its available at no additional cost.

Private and corporate Access Meditation courses are also available.


In addition to receiving the recorded video course, following completion of the Access Meditation program (in any format), all students will eligible to attend weekly group follow-up trainings in-person or online via live a streaming videoconference. Students will also have continued access to Ben to have their questions answered and discuss any challenges they have with their practice. Students can retake the live programs as a refresher for a small fee. .

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