About Ben

About Ben

Letter From Ben

Dear friends,

Over a decade ago, back in 2008, I was an out-of-shape, overweight junior attorney at a large international law firm in New York City. I had been battling anxiety, depression, and insomnia my entire life and during this time my struggle had reached a pinnacle. I was on multiple different medications and in therapy a few times a week. I drank too much, too often. Although I was getting by, I was miserable, frustrated, and losing hope. I knew I needed to do something to try to get my life on track.

That something was meditation. Everything else followed.

Meditation completely and utterly changed the trajectory of my life.

Almost immediately, within days, I was falling asleep easily and sleeping soundly without Ambien or alcohol. I stopped having anxiety attacks.  I started doing the things that once seemed impossible like exercising regularly, eating healthy foods, and speaking in front of audiences. I got more done in less time at work.

I was calm and relaxed, rested and energized. I was able to face any challenge with poise, presence, and clarity. This was a completely novel experience for me.

I felt good and happy. All of my relationships improved tremendously.

I became so inspired by my own transformation that I left my law firm in 2011 and started a two-year journey to become a meditation teacher. I wanted to share the gift of meditation with my family, friends and community.

Each year since I began teaching, I’ve had the wonderful privilege to witness a few hundred of my students have similar and often more profound transformations than my own.

My goal is to make meditation accessible to you through my Access Meditation program and my commitment is to support you in having the greatest success with this enjoyable and powerfully transformative meditation practice.

With Gratitude,


Support & Follow Up

Ben’s role as a teacher goes far beyond providing initial instruction. He is committed to continue to support his students in having the greatest success with their Access Meditation practice.